Albany Little League Divisions for 2020

Little League International offers some flexibility in the age ranges for each division. After reviewing the options available to our league, we have structured the divisions to optimize the experience of our league’s 800 players during the regular season. We are aware that this may affect our postseason teams’ ability to compete in the season-ending District Tournament of Champions and All-Stars, but we believe the benefits for players during the regular season far outweigh our competitive positioning for the postseason.

All ages are “league ages” according to the 2020 Little League Age Chart

Registration for all divisions except Seniors opens in the fall.  (See the FAQ below for definitions and additional details.)

General information on practice and game schedules for each division can be found here.

Juniors and Other Baseball for ages 13-15 (60-90; ages 13-15 as of Aug. 31, 2020)

For the 2020 season, ALL is  partnering with the East Bay Cyclones to offer two options for the 13-15 age group:  recreational and competitive.

ALL will offer a recreational Juniors program where teams will play on the full 90’ diamond.   Players will be assigned to a team as in other ALL divisions. Teams will practice at least once per week at either at Albany’s Memorial Park or King Middle School in Berkeley. Games will be played at Memorial Park or on the road against other recreational teams in neighboring programs (ECYB, NOLL-SOLL, SABA, etc.). The season will run from February until early June (expected to be 12-20 games).  ALL Juniors will participate in Little League post-season tournaments as appropriate.

The East Bay Cyclones will offer a competitive program on the full 90’ diamond with four practices offered per week (2 mandatory, 2 optional) and a 20-50 game schedule. Practices will take place at Memorial Park or King Middle School and games will be at Memorial Park, travel ball sites (Twin Creeks, Fremont, Woodland, Davis, Sacramento, Manteca), and other travel team home fields. For games, players will be grouped based on ability and the opposing competition. As a result, rosters will be fluid. Players are eligible to participate in all activities and the season will run from February until the end of July. At the same time, a player’s commitment to the program is up to the player and they can participate in as few or as many activities as their schedules permit (including the length of the season).  Cyclones teams or players will not participate in Little League post-season tournaments.

We advise players who are interested in a competitive route, regardless of ability, to register for the competitive program. Even though the program is competitive, a simple love of baseball and desire to play at a higher level qualifies a player for the program. We advise players who are interested in a recreational league to register for the recreational program.

The registration fee of $350 is the same for either program and you may register for either here**. The registration process will ask you to choose the competitive or recreational option. Additionally, we are offering a one-time switch between programs if you select one program and decide later that the other program is a better fit. The deadline to switch between programs is March 31, 2020.

*Players turning 13 by August 31, 2020  may be eligible to play in ALL’s Intermediate Division, subject to player agent approval. Please register here.

**Players choosing to play in the competitive program will also need to complete a separate Cyclones registration form and will not be enrolled as a participant of Albany Little League.  Players already registered in the East Bay Cyclones program do NOT need to complete this registration. However, if a player already registered in the Cyclones program would rather play in the ALL Juniors program, they must register with ALL at the link above and choose the recreational option..

To summarize the registration options for 13-15 year-olds:

  • Already registered in Cyclones, wish to play competitive: no action required
  • Already registered in Cyclones, wish to play recreational: register here and choose the recreational option
  • Not yet registered in Cyclones, wish to play competitive: register here and choose the competitive option
  • Not yet registered in Cyclones, wish to play recreational: register here and choose the recreational option
  • Players who turn 13 by Aug. 31, 2019 and wish to play in the Intermediate (50-70) division, register here

Please direct questions about either program to

Intermediate (aka “50-70”) (50-70; ages 11-13  as of Aug. 31, 2019)

The Intermediate Division is open to all 11 and 12 year-olds (as of August 31, 2019).  Players who turn 13 years old between May, 1, 2020 and August 31, 2020 may play in Intermediate with consent of the player agent and should register here. Intermediate, often referred to as “50/70”, is played on a field with a 50’ pitching distance and 70’ base paths, as opposed to the Little League standard-size “46/60” field.  All tryouts for 11-12 year olds will be held on a 70’ diamond. We strongly encourage all 11-12 year olds to consider playing in the Intermediate Division. We have found that for 11-12 year-olds this division and playing rules–you get to take leads!–is the most fun for the most kids.  Additionally, playing in the Intermediate Division eases the transition to the 90’ diamond used by the 13-15 year olds. 11-12 year olds in all the other youth baseball programs in North America (PONY, Cal Ripken, USSSA, etc.) play on a 50/70 field. Albany LL kids should have the same opportunity.  To facilitate the expansion of Intermediate, the League is converting Krone Field in the Village to accommodate both the 50/70 and 46/60 fields. We are also considering creating two divisions within Intermediate to accommodate the broad skill level spectrum we anticipate with so many kids playing 50/70 for the first time.

Majors and Minors Baseball.  Our Majors program will consist mostly of 10 year olds.  Our Minors programs (AAA, AA, A, Rookie, and Tee Ball) will skew towards 9’s in AAA, 8’s in AA, 7’s in A, 6’s in Rookie, and 5’s in Tee Ball, but each division will have flexibility in age to take into account the range of player developmental levels in each age group.  Click here to register for Majors, AAA, AA, A or Rookie..

Tee Ball is for 5 and 6 year-olds (as of 8/31/2019) who are new to baseball. Click here to register for Tee Ball.

Challenger (ages 5-18)

The Challenger division is for players Ages 5-18 who have special needs, to provide the opportunity for them to participate in Little League in an athletic environment structured to their abilities. Parents and guardians are asked to participate as “Buddies” whenever possible. Registration is free, and all players will be given a jersey and a team cap. Games are on Sundays at 2 PM or 3 PM. Home games are on Victory Field at University Village. Away games are scheduled at fields throughout the District including Alameda, Lafayette, North Oakland, Pinole/Hercules, Walnut Creek, and others. All leagues participate in a District Challenger Jamboree in April. For more information on the Challenger program, please visit:


Eligible Age Group: the eligible age group for each division is defined to be the league age range for that division.
40-60, 46-60, 50-70, 54-80, 60-90: The first number refers to the distance from the pitching rubber to home plate. The second number refers to the distance between the bases. For example 46-60 means pitchers will pitch from a rubber 46 feet from home plate and the bases are 60 feet apart.
Tryouts: Tryouts for players ages 9-15 year-olds will be mid to late January at either Ocean View Field or El Cerrito High School and will be by age group. Only 9 year-olds who want to play AAA need to request a tryout time. The remaining 9 year-olds will be part of a AA evaluation process in late January to early February. Based on tryouts, players will are drafted into a division according to skill level. All players ages 10-14 and 9 year-olds wishing to be considered for AAA must attend the tryout for their age group.

Team formation: In the AAA, Majors, Intermediate and Juniors divisions, teams are formed each year through a player draft. In AA, players are assigned to teams in such a way as to foster balanced competition. For this reason, in AA and above we cannot accommodate requests for players to be on a particular team. In the A division and below, our goal is for each player to have at least one “buddy” on the same team, and we will take into consideration requests for players to be grouped together for carpooling or childcare reasons.