Albany Little League Divisions for 2021

Little League International offers some flexibility in the age ranges for each division. After reviewing the options available to our league, we have structured the divisions to optimize the experience of our league’s 800 players during the regular season. We are aware that this may affect our postseason teams’ ability to compete in the season-ending District Tournament of Champions and All-Stars, but we believe the benefits for players during the regular season far outweigh our competitive positioning for the postseason.

All ages are “league ages” according to the 2021 Little League Age Chart

Registration for all divisions except Seniors opens in the fall.  (See the FAQ below for definitions and additional details.)

General information on the practice and game schedules for each division can be found here.

Juniors Baseball.  ALL’s Juniors program is designed as a competitive recreational program. It is not as intense as a competitive travel ball program. Juniors typically play on a full-sized 90’ diamond with the standard 60’-6” pitching distance. Given the 2020 layoff, the 2021 Juniors program will most likely start on a smaller diamond with 80’ base paths and a 54’ pitching distance and ultimately graduate to the 60/90 diamond later in the season. Juniors is for ballplayers who will be 13 to 14 years old on or before August 31, 2021. 12 or 15 year-olds or as of August 31, 2021, may qualify as well on a case by case basis with the consent of the ALL’s Player Agent.

Practices will generally be on weekday evenings. We hope to play at least two games a week, either on weekdays or the weekends. We may also play Juniors teams from nearby Leagues either here or on the road. 

Intermediate Baseball.  The Intermediate Division is open to all 11 and 12 year-olds (as of August 31, 2021). 13 year-olds as of August 31, 2021 may play in Intermediate with the consent of the player agent. The Intermediate Division will be divided into two subdivisions with one division reserved for kids just making the transition from the Majors or Minors Divisions and the other for kids with previous Intermediate Division experience.

Intermediate, often referred to as “50/70”, is played on a field with a 50’ pitching distance and 70’ base paths, as opposed to the Little League standard-size “46/60” field. We strongly encourage all 11-12-year-olds to consider playing in the Intermediate Division.  We have found that for 11-12 year-olds this division and playing rules–you get to take leads!–is the most fun for the most kids.  Additionally, playing in the Intermediate Division eases the transition to the 90’ diamond used in Juniors. 11-12-year-olds in all the other youth baseball programs in North America (PONY, Cal Ripken, USSSA, etc.) play on a 50/70 field.  Albany LL  kids should have the same opportunity.

Practices will generally be on weekday evenings. We hope to play at least two games a week, mostly on the weekends, but we may play some weekday games this season as well.

Majors Baseball.  Our Majors program is open for 10-12 year-olds as of August 31, 2021. With most 11-12’s playing in Intermediate, Majors will consist mostly of 10-year-olds. Games are played on a 46/60 diamond. Practices will generally be on weekday evenings. Games are played either Wednesdays or Fridays, and alternate between Saturdays and Sundays. 

Minors Baseball.  Our Minors program consists of four divisions: 3A, 2A, 1A, and Rookie. Ages will skew towards 9’s in 3A, 8’s in 2A, 7’s in 1A, and 6’s in Rookie, but each division will have flexibility in age to take into account the range of player developmental levels in each age group. 3A, 2A, & 1A play on a 46/60 diamond. Rookie plays on a 50’ diamond. 3A and 2A games feature pitching by the kids. 1A games feature machine or coach pitching and introduce kids to pitching over the course of the season. Rookie games feature machine or coach pitching.

Practices will generally be on weekday evenings. 3A Games are played either Tuesdays or Thursdays and alternate between Saturdays and Sundays. 2A Games are played either Mondays or Fridays and alternate between Saturdays and Sundays. 1A games are played on Sundays along with the occasional additional Saturday game. Rookie games are played on Saturdays along with the occasional additional Sunday games.

Tee Ball. T-ball is for 5 year-olds (as of 8/31/2021) and 6 year-olds who are new to baseball. T-ball plays on a 50’ diamond. Games and practices are rolled into a single 2-hour period on Saturdays.


Eligible Age Group: the eligible age group for each division is defined to be the league age range for that division.
40-60, 46-60, 50-70, 54-80, 60-90: The first number refers to the distance from the pitching rubber to home plate. The second number refers to the distance between the bases. For example, 46-60 means pitchers will pitch from a rubber 46 feet from home plate and the bases are 60 feet apart.
Tryouts: Tryouts for players ages 9-15 year-olds will be mid to late January at either Ocean View Field or El Cerrito High School and will be by age group. Only 9 year-olds who want to play AAA need to request a tryout time. The remaining 9 year-olds will be part of a AA evaluation process in late January to early February. Based on tryouts, players will are drafted into a division according to skill level. All players ages 10-14 and 9 year-olds wishing to be considered for AAA must attend the tryout for their age group.

Team formation: In the AAA, Majors, Intermediate, and Juniors divisions, teams are formed each year through a player draft. In AA, players are assigned to teams in such a way as to foster balanced competition. For this reason, in AA and above we cannot accommodate requests for players to be on a particular team. In the A division and below, our goal is for each player to have at least one “buddy” on the same team, and we will take into consideration requests for players to be grouped together for carpooling or childcare reasons.