Player Selection Process

TRYOUT PROCESS – Tryouts are required for all players wishing to play Junior, Intermediate, Majors or AAA.

All tryouts will be on Saturday, Feb 1, 2020 at El Cerrito High School.

Watch your e-mail for information and a link to the tryout schedule

Albany Little League Draft for Junior, Intermediate, Majors and AAA Divisions

The draft is moderated and presided over by the Player Agent.  The decisions of the Player Agent are final.

DRAFT ORDER – The Draft Order is established by the Commissioner. The 1st Round (and subsequent odd-numbered rounds) follows the draft order on the draft grid from left to right.  The 2nd Round (and subsequent even-numbered rounds) follows the draft order on the grid from right to left.  This establishes a serpentine order throughout the whole of the draft.  Teams at each end of the order effectively have two consecutive picks straddling the end and beginning of consecutive rounds.

CONFIDENTIALITY – The Draft is kept confidential.  Each individual attending the draft is responsible for maintaining confidentiality of the Draft and Draft materials.