Volunteering and the Volunteer Work Deposit

All volunteer forms and information can be found here.

The volunteer deposit refund form can be found here.

Volunteer signup forms for the Village Snack Shack can be found here.

Parade information can be found here.

Albany Little League is run almost entirely by volunteers.

Coaching, field maintenance, snack shack management, safety, special events coordination, umpiring, management (including board members), fundraising, and volunteer coordination are just some of the positions that are required in order to provide for a successful baseball season for your children

Albany Little League asks that every family provide 10 hours of volunteer service to the league. The registration fee includes a $75 volunteer work deposit, refundable after the season to those completing the 10 hours of volunteer service. Alternatively, families can elect to donate the $75 to the league in lieu of or in addition to the volunteer hours. During the registration process, under volunteer duty, select “Will Donate Work Deposit”. This is non-binding and is to help us plan our finances for the season.

This year the snack shack at University Village will be staffed with paid employees in order to remove some of the burden from volunteers, allow family members to watch their kids play and to ensure that the snack shacks are run as efficiently as possible. Parent volunteers are still welcome in the Village snack shack – we always need help with shopping, cleaning and organizing. However, unlike the case in previous seasons, teams will not be required to provide an adult volunteer to serve in the Village snack shack during the team’s games. There remain many opportunities for volunteers to receive a work deposit refund.