Training Schedule

Every year all new and returning umpires are required to go through training.  While new umpires go through the basic training run by Albany Little league we expect returning umpires to attend the District Youth umpire clinic.  If you cannot make the District training you must attend one of the two Albany Little League umpire training sessions.

In additions all umpires need to attend the Rules Clinic that will be held in Albany on Feb 25th or 26th (location and date to be confirmed).

Dates and details for training:

  • Albany Little League training #1 – February 22nd – from 9-12 – UC Village fields REGISTER HERE 
  • District Rules Clinic – February 24th at the Albany Library from 6-9 REGISTER HERE
  • Albany Little League training #2 – February 29th – from 9-12 – UC Village fields REGISTER HERE

Training is a critical part of umpiring both for new and returning umpires. Please read through the following info carefully to determine what applies to you.

First Time Umpires – Youth and Adult

Must attend:

  • District 4 rules clinic  (Feb 24th)
  • Albany Little League training 1 (Feb 22nd) or 2 (Feb 29th)

Returning Youth Umpires

Should attend:

  • District Rules Clinic – February 24th Albany Community Center

Returning Adult Umpires

Should attend:

  • District Umpire Mechanics Clinic – February 1st 8:30 to 3:30 – Concord
  • District Rules Clinic – February 25th or 26th in Albany (exact location and date to be confirmed)