Training Schedule

Training is a critical part of umpiring both for new and returning umpires.

New umpires must attend the following:

Information and rules training

ALL Umpire info and rules training session for all new umpires as well as Coaches and managers interested in learning more about umpiring:

  • Date: Feb 8
  • Time: 7:30 to 9:00 at the Albany Library (Marin and Masonic). 

Field training

New umpires are introduced to the basic field and plate mechanics.

  • Date: Feb 17
  • Time:  1:30 pm to dark, Krone Field

If you cannot make these dates you must take one of the rules clinics and one of the field mechanics clinics offered by the district (see schedule below).

Returning umpires must attend the following:

District run rules training

Field Mechanics

There are two clinics, a general one and a clinic specifically designed for youth umpires.

In additions umpires interested in umpiring Intermediate as well as Juniors should participate in the Big Diamond Clinic.  Contact the umpire scheduler for details if you are interested. The big diamond clinic details are below:

  • March 25th: D4 “Big Diamond” Two Umpire Mechanics Clinic, 9:00am – 1:00pm – Caldecott Field, 6900 Broadway, Oakland (just off Highway 24)

Any questions please contact the umpire scheduler